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I use my corporate resources & strategies to help emerging entrepreneurs be successful. I also teach entrepreneurs principles in successful entrepreneurship, the importance of being inspired on a consistent basis, and having accountability in your business. I would love to work with you on a one on one basis schedule your success strategy session today!!



S.I.E.A Academy (Success, Inspiration, Entrepreneurship, & Accountability)

Are you looking for a membership program that gives you success strategy sessions, inspiration on a consistent basis, entrepreneurship skills, and holds you accountable for your entrepreneurship goals?

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31 Days of Affirmations

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Your thoughts must align with your actions. Learn the power of speaking power of your life, health, relationships, family, career and business daily.

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Join Me on Periscope for 31 Days of Affirmations

Starting 1/16/18 I will be going live on Periscope daily at 8pm CST Daily we will go over the affirmations and discuss the value and content of each one. Last year 31 Days of Affirmations was a success and I want to make this year a success with you!! Enter your email address on the left side to get your workbook before we get started.

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The webinar is over but you can purchase the Write the Vision and Make it Plain course and workbook for $37 (value $67) In this course you will learn how to properly plan and execute your goals and shatter them with a purpose



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"Becoming a member of S.I.E.A Academy gave me such clarity in the direction I wanted to take my business. I was consistenly inspired, and the accountability reports given each week helped me to be more productive and stay on track. Tamera gave me the social media skills to grow my business online and create an engaging Facebook group. I was able to increase sales through my Facebook Smart Hair Community group."

— Shandra Thompson, Licensed Hair Stylist

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About Tamera Sutton

I was pregnant at the age of 19, working at a daycare center, in college, no car, and not a clue on how I was going to make it or raise a child. .