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About Tamera Sutton

Tamera Sutton is a woman that wears many entrepreneurial hats. She is an Event Creator for herself and other entrepreneurs, founder of Memphis Women Rock, Social Media Strategist and Public Speaker. Her most important role is being a wife, and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Born and raised in Memphis, TN Tamera obtained a bachelors degree in healthcare from University of Memphis. On a journey to find a career in healthcare she started as a lifestyle blog titled Tamera’s Closet, where she wrote about entertainment, fashion and her favorite inspiration. She loved inspiring readers on Sunday with her Soulful Sunday posts. On this journey she found a passion for wanting to be an entrepreneur and create events. With this passion she now creates yearly events that allow people in social media and entrepreneurs to be innovative, creative and network with one another.  Tamera has experienced many setbacks, disappointments, and failures which helped build her strength to become an entrepreneur. She was helping so many family and friends that were entrepreneurs and people who were ready to be entrepreneurs but lacked guidance, accountability, skills, and inspiration. After doing this so much for free this is when S.I.E.A. Elite Academy was born.  In 2015 she started Memphis Women Rock which is a community that celebrates, empowers, and inspires women through workshops and events.



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