Social Media Marketing

Social Media can seem overwhelming, and not useful if it is not properly explained to a business owner. Technology is consistently evolving and there is so much value in adding social media marketing to your marketing business goals. I enjoy speaking to clients, business owners, entrepreneurs, organizations, and corporations about how they can successfully capitalize with social media marketing. If not done properly it can actually make or break your business.

Did you know all social media platforms do not work for all businesses? Did you know that you have market your business differently on different platforms? Did you know there are specific times of the day your target audience is more frequent on different platforms? Did you know you can post daily and your target audience still might not see your post? If you answered NO to any one of these questions you NEED TO SCHEDULE A SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SESSION TODAY!! These sessions are for businesses that want to learn more about how they can train their team, employees or just learn themselves of the TRUE VALUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING.

Social Media Management

Are you looking for someone to take the entire load off your shoulders and manage your social media pages? Do you need social media pages created for your business? My team and I are here to help. We have experience in the following social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Blogs
  • Graphic Design for social media post

I tailor a proposal specifically to what social media pages your business needs, the frequency of post, if graphics are needed, and much more.

Social Media Monetization

Did you know you can make money online from your social media pages? This is so beneficial especially if you are an online entrepreneur. Any area that you are knowledgeable of you can actually make money on social media from your content, BUT there has to be a strategy put in place. Social media for businesses especially new businesses are built on the KLT Factor (KNOW LIKE, AND TRUST). Most consumers are not willing to spend money with you online if you have no online presence.

You can actually monetize your gift, your passion, or purpose on social media. I can teach you how to market those services, and tranfer your knowledge into paid content!!!